Artes Marciais de Shaolim ou os Discípulos de Shaolin,Filme raro da Shaw Brothers exibito há mais de 30 anos!.Sinopse:Após meses de um agonizante treinamento nos mortais estilos Tigre e Graça combinados, os monges sobreviventes se sentem preparados para um sangrento combate final contra o terrível estilo da Pele de Aço dos assassinos Manchus.Com Alexander Fu Sheng e Chi Kuan-Chun

Peter F

Can we get an Astro! T shirt?

Blue Wolf

Apparently in the ign interview they asked if this game is inspired by or related to Majoras Mask and Nintendo said it would be even darker than Majoras Mask....


So why haven't you guys got with Pastrana and Nitro Circus yet?


Well her psych ward experience was WAAAAY better than mine.


Elsa get kidnapped

Super Caged Tiger

I know the sweat pants guy

Manu Falanai

You guys should do rugby , real man sport

Stefani Briseno

Tbh y’all always sleep deprived y’all should sleep more that way elle and Alaia grow faster but it’s so crazy to see how fast yall sold out

Gaz Gridlock

1:30Theyre meeting Merida?

XXXDarkAngelAnavel XXX

I know what vulva is and I know what vagina is so pls don't search it on google


Who is watching in April 2018?

Lux Ramos

Alex Morgan

kkgamer lets have fun

My grandmom died of cancer

Lorena Gamon

How did he went with you!!?

Marcus Lopez

Bruh they keep taking old shit and making it new... and some how I keep buying it all NANIIIIIII ...!?

Denise Deraco

sei scemo perché non l hai fatto vincere scemo

Slimp Pk

Hey i know this beat

Tamando Sulumba

what is the song called?

Is a short term of Oh Can u Do it

Faucet Fern

Lara Croft gets kidnapped. Great.


cody getting rejected 0:49

Gustavo Moreno

Chicago cubs

Ashley Jessee

Love your videos but my only criticism is it always seems like your all in a crazy hurry for some reason.

Also, when Hamm in Toy Story reads the owners manual and says "I seriously doubt he's getting this kind of mileage" in MY opinion, he's referring to the car being in so many movies in various locations.

yeet skeet

emma chamberlain has joined the chat

Lachlan Keller

My god their so young!!!

nadea tomala

So you can quit saying its fake

Tracy Smith

For the Lab one we went Inception style, having a virtual reality device on ourselves, then going to the first developer room, then putting a virtual reality device on there, then entering another developer room. Weird Inception stuff, eh?

Dillon Callen

Chris Tillman baseball Orioles pitcher

Fangirl Me

This gives me let it shine vibes

BAD-O Animations


Devin Mczeal

This is so sad man 😭💔